Certificates and document services

Replacement birth, marriage, death and adoption certificates

We can obtain birth certificates, marriage, death and adoption certificates, as well as copies of wills, letters of administration and decrees absolute. We will action your request on the same day you contact us and we offer a number of services reflecting the urgency of your request.

Copies of documents are required by probate solicitors for a variety of purposes but one fairly common scenario involves us locating a deceased person’s marriage certificate and the death certificate of their spouse (or a copy of the decree absolute if the couple were divorced). We are also regularly asked to trace death certificates of beneficiaries named in a will that have passed away since it was written.

In terms of an intestate estate, certificates, wills and grants of probate are essential documents which prove the entitlement of beneficiaries, confirming that they are indeed related to the deceased and not simply sharers of the same surname. They may also provide vital evidence that a line of the family has terminated without any living heirs. An informant on a death certificate or witnesses to a marriage can often be vital in resolving a line of the family and a will can be invaluable in confirming the extent of kin on a stem.

The family tree we produce is complemented by a comprehensive genealogical report, enabling a solicitor or administrator to obtain missing beneficiary indemnity insurance and to distribute the estate with confidence. Our reports always refer to information contained in the wills and certificates that we have obtained during the course of our research. Without these documents, a family tree and report would lack supporting evidence and would not be suitable for presentation to an insurance provider.

The statutory cost of a birth, marriage or death certificate is currently £11.00. For an estate administrator the cost of certificates can quickly add up but we are experienced in judging which certificates are essential for research and which certificates family members could provide for themselves. This enables us to complete a case without accruing unnecessary costs.

Please contact us for further details of our certificate and documentation services and for a discussion of your case at no obligation.
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